IMUZAK Nanofabrication

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IMUZAK Nanofabrication

IMUZAK is a company that specializes in ultrafine machining on molds.

The surface is processed at the nano-level using an ultrasonic technology called “nanopec processing.


IMUZAK’s “Nanopec Processing Technology

Diamond tool is attached to the tip of the nanopecker, which is vibrated by ultrasonic waves to continue cutting.


Features of Nanopec Processing

Because processing can be done with ultrasonic waves, processing of a □30 mm size can be completed in about one day.

Vertical striped pattern

pyramid pattern

What can be done with Nanopec processing

Since the texture can be adjusted at the nano level, it is possible to control the size according to the purpose.

Application example 

·Transmittance can be expected to improve according to specific wavelengths by transferring to resin etc. 

·It is expected to be used for decoration in the visible light range by changing the texture size.

*The photo on the right is an image divided by texture size from 250nm to 750nm from the front side.


IMUZAK microfabrication examples

Part 1.
Stealth light guide processing

By transferring the dot process to the molded product, it is possible to make the image emerge depending on the angle of light input.


Part 2.
plating (finishing) process

A plating-like metallic luster can be applied to the surface by microfabrication. This is expected to reduce the cost of plating and painting.


Part 3.
LiDAR Cover

Enables easy transmission and control of specific wavelengths of high wavelength lasers. Contributes to the safety performance of automated ADAS by improving the accuracy of length measurement.